How to Be Happy When You’re Not

How to be happy when you're not. The Depression Warriors.
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Three years ago my son Was in a tragic auto accident, the day of the accident he called me, He never calls me ,he felt sick, I felt this over whelming feeling of been shaken, I thought I was over reacting because I was always so over bearing ,but as I gave the phone to my husband the shaking feeling got super strong, by the time I realized it was my guides or someone from the other side trying to warn me my son hung up, Shortly after he was in a fatal car accident , he survived, 2 people died and he came back to life three times, over thirteen surgeries later I’m grateful he’s alive but he has suffered brain injury , and all the legal struggles. I am so over whelmed and have been fighting depression and self guilt ever since. I have been seeing numbers for some time now and purchased your book which has helped soo much in so many ways , but I’m still a mess. Thanks you for your advise and continued support for us that struggle. Fear is a great concern although I pray for the Lords guidance and help ,it takes… Read more »

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