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The Depression Warriors

The Depression Warriors began one fateful day when Sarahdawn Tunis, author, and founder of The Depression Warriors, realized she no longer felt the depression that had consumed her life. Up until that point, she felt as though life, the universe, and pretty much everything was against her. From a difficult childhood and into adulthood, life felt as if it was one obstacle after another that eventually became insurmountable. In fact, Sarahdawn believed that she was a mistake and that she only served to be a burden to anyone who crossed her path. 


But one day, her life came crashing down around her, and Sarahdawn had nowhere left to look but up. And while looking up, she realized that the traditional treatment for depression was missing something. So she began pouring her heart and soul into figuring out how to finally put an end to the depression she had known for so long. After years of working, learning, and researching everything she could about psychology, spirituality, and the metaphysical world, Sarahdawn found a way to heal her depression and change the very reality she had always known. 


So it was on that fateful day when Sarahdawn realized she no longer felt depressed that she began the journey of creating The Depression Warriors. In the fall of 2014, Sarahdawn began writing The Depression Warrior book series as a way to help other people find their light and their truth and heal from the damaging effects of depression. And in 2020, when the first book, From Pacifist to Warrior, was complete, she created The Depression Warrior community. A tribe of people committed to finding their truth and putting an end to depression as the world knows it. 


The Depression Warriors is on the ground floor. The first book will be available later this year, and we have yet to build the community, but you are more than welcome to join the tribe now. Sarahdawn will be around to offer support and answer any questions you have. Or sign up for Sarahdawn’s mailing list to be in the loop with updates.

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Sarahdawn Tunis

Founder of The Depression Warriors and author of the Depression Warriors book series.

Sarahdawn has a M.A. in Counseling Psychology from the University of Colorado at Denver, she has been working in the field of mental health for over 20 years. 

Learn more about Sarahdawn and her struggles with depression at sarahdawntunis.com.

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The Depression Warriors

Depression Warriors are those of us who have fought the negative effects of depression. We have learned to tap into our inner-warrior and are in pursuit of helping those around us learn to be fully in control of their own lives.

No matter how bad you feel or how impossible it seems you can change your reality and end depression as you know it. Depression Warrior training will teach you how to use your body, mind and soul to tap into your own inner-strengths. Let your true self shine by learning to manage and understand the negative sides of yourself that keep you down. Discover truths about where your depression comes from and find peace from the pain of the lies you have learned and believed up until now.

Depression has controlled and ruled our lives for long enough. It is now time we become the rulers of our own lives. Experience the happiness, confidence, and abundance you are meant and deserve to have. You can do it!