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A Metaphysical and Spiritual Journey for Healing Depression
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What Are Depression Warriors?

Depression Warriors are creators, artists, writers. We are the authors of our own story, the creators of our reality. We have seen the dark side of life and we have had an intimate relationship with the dark side of ourselves. We now stand triumphant. Against all odds. Living fully in our light. Knowing joy and seeing light when others only see shadows. We know judgment and oppression, but we do not dwell upon it. The truth of who we are, what we are, and our purpose in this life is within us and we know it more profoundly than any other. We are Depression Warriors and we fight to be who we are. We are proud. We are one. We stand together exalted, happy, and at peace.

The Books

How it all got started. Click here to learn more about the Depression Warrior book series.


Read the blog for information about how to manage depression using psychology, spirituality, neurobiology, NLP, and the metaphysical.

YouTube Channel

Join me, Sarahdawn, as I create videos to help those with depression live their fullest and most authentic life.

The Depression warriors Book Series

Empower your inner warrior so you can master your life and end depression as you know it. 


The Depression Warrior Book Series is about more than ending depression, it is about changing your reality. This series of books will help you learn about yourself and your depression so you can experience life with peace, success, and happiness. 


Book One: From Pacifist to Warrior – Available Now

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About the Founder of The Depression Warriors

Sarahdawn Tunis is the author and founder of the Depression Warriors. She has a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology and has been working in the field of mental health for over 20 years. Sarahdawn suffered with the pain and negativity of depression for most of her life. But at a crucial moment between taking her own life and choosing to live – a secret was revealed. The secret of how to finally beat and overcome depression. Now Sarahdawn is dedicating her life to sharing her story and experience with others and working to put an end to the depression we know. Take control of your life and join the Depression Warriors today to learn more.

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